Remarkable Bioavailability
without injections.

Pre-dosed oral syringes.

Adjustable dose.

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Professional Testimonial

“Having Synapep’s oral form of BPC-157 has made my patients more compliant, and we have seen better results. The days of daily injections are gone!”

S. Hrywnak MD
Chicago, Illinois

There is a Perfect Alternative to Injections

These curative properties underscore how BPC-157 can elevate health and wellness, promoting life-altering enhancements.

To fully exploit BPC-157’s potential, subcutaneous injections are advised, which may at times provoke unfavorable reactions and potential complications.

Additional concerns linked to injections you can now ignore include:

Injection-induced discomfort

Errant solution mixing

Administering excessive or insufficient quantities


Inconsistent and Inconvenience dosage

Self-injection trepidation

Patient Testimonial

“I have been on the SynaPep oral BPC-157 for 6 weeks and I have never felt better. My aching joints are gone and overall, I feel better. So much easier than taken the injections.”

Stephen M.

A patented oral delivery

A Unique Lactoferrin*,
Liposomal Complex

Increases The Survival Rate Of Peptides

Our pre-dosed oral syringes include easy administration.

The dosage can be effortlessly modulated by simply
increasing or decreasing the quantity dispensed from the oral syringe.

SynaPEP employs a patented, natural delivery approach that enables oral BPC-157 administration by conjugating lactoferrin to BPC-157, allowing secure absorption to the epithelial cell surface within the oral cavity and lower intestines.

The BPC-157 detaches from the lactoferrin, entering the bloodstream.

In addition, a liposome is utilized to safeguard the chelated BPC-157 from enzymatic degradation.

Expedites Recovery,
getting you bACK INTO your GAME FASTER.

Benefits of Synapep BPC-157 for Althetes

Synapep BCP-157 peptides speeds up your bodies anti-inflammatory and recovery properties. Making it an excellent supplemental addition to any regular workout routine, as it helps repair bodies after physical exertion.

Adding BPC-157 to your daily athletic life can help you: 

Overcome strained and ruptured Muscles.

Faster Recovery of Ligaments -tendons -bones

Stimulates blood flow

Reduce inflammation and pain.

Improve flexibility and mobility.

Enhances Physical performance.

Patient Testimonial

I had days after a workout where I was really sore. Taking SynaPep oral BPC-157 has changed that, now I feel no soreness the days after a long hard work outs.

David. R

Additional Benefits


Synapep BPC-157 fosters angiogenesis, intensifying blood vessel formation. It exhibits exceptional efficacy in expediting healing processes.

It abbreviates recovery duration, reduces inflammation, and fortifies the cardiovascular system.

Alongside its extraordinary restorative prowess, the peptide presents a variety of ancillary, trans-formative benefits.

Individuals suffering from various afflictions
have reported relief from the following – not excusive to:

Miscellaneous muscular traumas

Augmented cognitive function

Serotonin production

promotes angiogenesis

Expidites Healing of Gastrointestinal Issues

Inflammation-induced conditions

Periodontal disease & Oral Bone Loss

Alleviation of urinary incontinence

Cardiac and circulatory preservation

Hormone genesis in the hypothalamus/pituitary gland

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“My stomach had good days and bad days most months. I do not have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. But when I started taking oral BPC-157, the bad days are now gone! The SynaPep BPC-157 seems to make a big difference.”

Julie M.

Synapep BPC-157

Cell Receptor Penetrating Peptide (CRPP) Technology Revolutionizes Oral Peptide Delivery.

Synapep’s CRPP technology delivers BPC-157 in an unparalleled proficiency.

It accelerates convalescence and recuperation compared to
traditional pharmaceutical and nutraceutical interventions.

Praticioners seeking an alternative to injecting BPC-157 for their patients can confidently turn to our pre-dosed oral syringes for a convenient, efficient, and safe administration method.

Synapep BPC-157 peptide is a testament to quality and efficacy.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA in a certified FDA, USDA and cGMP facility. We utilize non-GMO, gluten-free, and 100% natural ingredients.

  • Synapep only sells wholesale to licensed practitioners upon approval.
  • Suggested retail is $140 per box of three oral syringes equalling 30ml.
  • Each militer contains 300 mcg of BPC-157.
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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before use if you’re pregnant, lactating, or ill. Keep out of reach of children. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

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